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Our Difference

Better in theory, better in practice:

We promise to source locally and humanely, to craft with care, and never take ourselves too seriously.

Clean Ingredients

Made exclusively from natural coconut and soy wax and hand-poured in California, everything we sell is vegan, phthalate free, petroleum free, and of course cruelty-free.

Curated Fragrances

From evocative woody tones to refreshing citrus and delicate floral scents, we craft our fragrances in subtle combinations that enhance a room while never overpowering it.

Glass Made to Last

Each candle comes in a beautifully designed glass jar to adorn your space. Reuse it for pencils, makeup brushes, or as a tabletop vase for your favorite wildflowers.

I believe our homes are where we connect with our loved ones. Home is also a place we connect with ourselves and seek refuge from the noise of the world. Surrounding ourselves with objects that reflect a simple abundance is a kind act we can give ourselves and those we care for.

Waxtheory was conceived earlier this year and I’ve spent the majority of 2020 focused on bringing this collection into existence. My hope is that lighting a Waxtheory candle in your home will help you feel good and indulge in a simple pleasure that brings more light and more good vibes into your home.

My goal was to create a luxe quality candle that’s the most ethically produced candle you can buy. I’ve spent hundreds of hours selecting only the most excellent quality fragrances and waxes on the market. Creating anything of value involves collaboration, and along the way I’ve invested in women-powered ideas and businesses to create a micro-batch candle that is non-toxic, safe to burn and breath and is full of good intentions for your future.

Waxtheory is self-funded from resources I’ve created from my decades being a working mother. I’ve enjoyed the journey of reinventing my next chapter, showing my children that you’re never too young or old to create new excitement and opportunity for yourself and others.

The first release of Waxtheory products I’ve named “The Wanderlust Collection” because I crave to weave past travel memories back into our lives, even while we remain home. There’s a little spark of magic when warmth and light meet with the right scent. Where will it take you? I invite you to select from this brand new Wanderlust Collection and decide.


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