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A note on candle safety

We love how the perfect scent can transport us to another place and time. But it’s still important to always be aware of our surroundings. Please take these common-sense safety measures while enjoying our candles.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. If you’re feeling sleepy, blow it out.
  • Make sure your lit candle is in a safe area, and not on or near anything that could catch fire, including curtains, bedding or loose papers.
  • Keep candles away from drafts such as windows and air conditioners, and out of reach of kids and pets.
  • Keep the wick trimmed and be careful extinguishing your flame, especially when a pool of wax has accumulated.
  • For external use only. While all Waxtheory’s candles are vegan and nontoxic, we don’t suggest they be enjoyed internally – no matter how delicious they smell.